high pressure water tank

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Length: 2.06m

Width: 1.16m

Height: 0.3m


● Portable Water Source: ensuring you have access to clean water whenever and wherever you need it during your camping adventures

● High Pressure Water Delivery: equipped with a high-pressure system, enabling you to use it for a variety of purposes, such as washing dishes, cleaning camping gear, rinsing off after a day of outdoor activities, and more

● Large Capacity: with 55L capacity, whether you're camping solo or with a group, you can count on this water tank to meet your hydration and cleaning requirements

● Safe and Non-toxic: constructed from food grade HDPE materials, make sure you have direct access to water

● User Friendly: equipped with an electric pump and a quick connect nozzle, enabling you to set up your water supply effortlessly

● Sturdy and Durable: unique split mount protective case can withstand rugged terrain and resist impacts, ensuring reliable performance in any camping scenario

● Space-Saving: intelligently crafted to integrate seamlessly into your vehicle, optimizing your camping experience without sacrificing storage space